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Garden Party: Grow Your Dream!
UPDATE: An invitation to flower...Growing Our Dreams
On Sunday, May 2nd, Broadway's Flower Groups shared their Garden Party experience with the congregation. The congregation was also presented with "An invitation to flower" -- a flower bed of ideas of ways each one of us may get involved.
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BACKGROUND: Broadway’s Mission & Vision Team and Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development Committee have joined efforts to gather Broadway folks into small groups during this season of transition and discovery so that we might build relationships, identify where Broadway’s mission most resonates with us, engage in conversation about spiritual gifts and passions for ministry, and dream about Broadway’s future.

We imagine our gatherings as parties, and we all know that every party needs a theme (thanks, Demetrius!). Our theme, “Garden Party: Grow Your Dream,” will help us to shape and share our discernment. We invite you to be thinking about the seeds of your faith and bulbs you can envision planting!


On February 14, we kicked off our small group project with a fabulous Garden Party.  Each small group, named for a flower, will gather four times before May 2, in hopes of building relationships and sharing our dreams for Broadway. The four gathering themes are outlined below. If you’ve not heard from a group facilitator and want to be part of the conversation, please call Lois or Vernice to get involved!


Garden Party 1: Our Seeds Take Root


We’ll discuss the seeds of our faith and how we are rooted in God.  Our goal will be to come to know one another better and understand what planted us at Broadway.



Garden Party 2: Tilling the Soil


We’ll discuss what excites us about Broadway’s current or potential ministry.  We will learn about one another’s passions and how we see ourselves as God’s partners in being good earth, tending God’s crop and spreading the seed of God’s love beyond our immediate community.



Garden Party 3:  Growing Your Dream


We’ll allow our dream to begin taking shape.  We will discuss what accomplishments would make us proud of our work at Broadway.  We’ll talk about how our passions connect to God’s calling for each of us and for her calling for our community.



Garden Party 4:  Making the Garden Grow


Spring will be in the air as we conclude our series of discussions.  We will concentrate on how we ourselves are part of Broadway’s future.  We will listen for God’s call about contributing our individual gifts to our gardening collective.


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